CTO Lunches supports Black Lives Matter and is helping members identify opportunities to help the cause. If you have an opportunity we should be aware of, please email me.

CTO LUnches

A global network of local lunches and email discussions for engineering leaders.

What is this?

In 2014, Miles Matthias & Kevin Owocki were talking about becoming CTOs of their respective startups, and asked the question, "How do computer science people figure out how to lead a team?"

We started a monthly lunch with a few people more experienced than us to answer that question. Fast forward a few years, and now the group has 400+ engineering leaders in an active email and monthly lunch group.

Group Details

  1. Current or former engineering leaders only. No recruiters, no sales people, no gimmicks.
  2. FREE. This group is for the community.
  3. The continual goal for group owners is to add value to the group. New projects might involve sponsors, but the core monthly lunches and email discussions will never be changed, or allowed to be invaded by sponsors or non-engineering leaders.

Also take the time to read our Content Policy.

Lunch Cities

Boulder, CO

Miles Matthias is the point person for the Boulder monthly lunch. Over 130 CTOs on the email list, and about 25 regularly join in a monthly Indian buffet on Walnut.

Austin, TX

James Mensch sets up the Austin monthly lunches. The newest CTO Lunch city has ~30 members and growing.

Denver, CO

Jason Cole sets the time & place of the Denver CTO lunches. The Denver group shares the Boulder email list, and gets about 20 people at each lunch.

Washington, DC Metro Area

Eric Simmerman and Sunil Sadasivan organize the monthly lunches for the DMV area.

Paris, France

Paris, France lunches are organized by Victor Duprez and Philippe Langlois.

New York City

Monthly CTO lunches are organized by several members, including Zach Markin, Dan Morozoff, Doug Beardsley, Milin Patel, and Forest Mars.

Ottawa, Ca

The monthly lunches in Ottawa, Canada are organized by Mojtaba Hosseini.

Orlando, FL

Gene McCulley organizes monthly lunches in Orlando, Florida.

Stockholm, Sweden

Lunches are organized monthly in Stockholm by Gintautas Miliauskas.


Josh Adams organizes monthly CTO Lunches in Alabama, primarily in Birmingham.

San Diego, CA

San Diego CTO Lunches are organized by Brian McDonough.

San Francisco / BaY Area

CTO Lunches are organized monthly in the Bay Area by Giacomo Balli.

London, England

Lunches in London, England are organized by Shahriar Tajbakhsh, Josh Evans, and Tom White.

boston, MA

Neil Tenenholtz organizes monthly CTO lunches in Boston, MA.


NW Arkansas has monthly CTO lunches organized by Addam Hardy.

Want to add a city?

If you'd like to organize a monthly CTO Lunch in your city, simply email Miles to get started.

Thanks to Name.com!

Huge thanks to Name.com for being the very first sponsor of CTO Lunches! If you're in the market for a sweet domain, or a slick website builder (like this one), then check them out.

If your developer focused company is interested in sponsoring one or more cities in the CTO Lunches network, simply email Miles.

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