Content Policy
Our content policy can be summarized in one phrase: Don’t be a jerk. Our community is about learning from each other’s experiences and perspectives, so debate is highly encouraged, so long as it is done respectfully.

Should any member’s activity be deemed as disrespectful by one of our moderators, this is the process one of them will take:

1. Lock the thread to prevent future replies on that thread (a signal to everyone to move on)

2. (Optionally) Temporarily put the group or individual member into moderation mode, which requires a moderator to approve your email before it goes out to the rest of the group

3. Notify Miles, the group owner, to review this activity and make any final decisions about group policy or membership that may need to be made

CTO Lunches is a free, private community, and as such, we reserve the right to moderate content & membership as we see fit.

Questions or concerns? Email Miles.