CTO Collective

Hire the collective, and you'll get a designated CTO, along with access to the braintrust of the CTO Collective partners.


After you’ve proven your business has legs, we’ll build your MVP. With decades of development experience, you know you'll get exactly what you need.


Want to generate more income? We’ll give you the guidance and hires you need to take your income generating business to the next level.


You’ve enjoyed generating an income from your business, and you want to see it live on, but you’re ready to move on. We'll make you an offer.

The Partners

We've been CTOs & VPs of Engineering at major companies, raised millions of dollars in funding, IPO'd companies, and led hundreds of engineers.

Joe is a technology executive with extensive experience starting and running early and growth-stage Cloud (SaaS) companies. Joe is an angel investor, mentor to startup companies, and provides consulting services on Cloud startup strategy and execution. Since Joe’s prior tenure at SendGrid as VP of Engineering, he has gone on to provide Engineering and Product leadership at two other Cloud startups.

I help small companies scale and achieve rapid, sustainable growth while creating excellent work environments. I have a passion for building high-performing teams and great software products, and for using my experience to steer young startups around obstacles before they block their progress.

Brian is a seasoned leader, architect and developer with extensive experience designing and building mid- to enterprise-scale systems for the web and the desktop. Brian has built systems for the financial industry, healthcare industry and the packaged application space, and he specializes in architecting platforms and frameworks that simply and effectively solve complex business problems. Brian believes the a great user experience is vital, and happy users are a product’s best measure of success.

Trent is a hands on leader that excels at creating innovative software solutions. He is a seasoned software developer, engineering manager, and business analyst. His passion is learning new techniques in software, business analysis, and organizational management to deliver creative solutions.

Engineering Leader with 12+ years of experience building products and consulting for Fortune 500companies, the federal government and startups. Passionate about creating products that delightusers and building companies that provide meaningful value in the world.

Miles is an experienced startup CTO, his last company raising over $5MM in funding, and building systems processing over $3MM in payments and deploying over a dozen mobile apps.

Erik is an experience product owner & manager, building several applications and companies all over the country.

As a software engineering executive for dynamic and entrepreneurial companies, my passion is to build high-performing organizations, and lead them to deliver exceptional results. I am committed to fostering collaborative environments, driven by innovation and a sense of purpose.

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